Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food -hippocrates


Meet Helen

Intrigued by the potential health benefits and inspired by the movie Simply Raw, previous owner, Helen Liba, decided to learn more, taking classes at centres in Chicago and Puerto Rico and discovered that raw food, while simple, goes far beyond veggies and dip.

Liba, who is also a healing massage practitioner and biofeedback technician at Superior Shores Wellness Centre, soon began developing her own recipes and decided to make her dream of opening a café a reality with the intention of raising the consciousness of all sentient beings through living foods.

"Bliss-full customers,  continually expressing their gratitude, are truly the motivation which inspires joy and bliss for us at the cafe," says Liba, "We are always evolving ourselves and the cafe to better serve and teach people who are searching for more information on plant based foods and wholehearted living."

What is Raw Food?

Basically, raw food (sometimes called live or living food) is food that has not been cooked or exposed to temperatures over 118° F. At that temperature, the natural enzymes in food are destroyed. Enzymes are essential for all the chemical processes in your body, especially digestion.

At Bliss Cafe we also purchase as much organic and local food as possible, and dehydrate many foods at harvest time to preserve them for the winter.



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